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Extremely Wet 16.OZ

Extremely Wet 16.OZ

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16.oz Extremely Wet Plus . 

The wettest 'Wet Look' wax you will find!

The deepest, wettest protection for your car, unlike no other. The original secret sauce to Killerwaxx's performance in show and shine competitions across the US. Reformulated in it latest version, Killerwaxx Extremely Wet is now made up of 4 key ingredients:

  • Brazilian Carnauba Wax - for the best protection
  • Technical Synthetic Wax - for long term adherence
  • Color Enhancer - to make the paintwork 'Pop!'
  • High Grade Polymers - to bring the smoothest finish and the very best reflection.

As a liquid wax, Killerwaxx Extremely Wet can be applied just as easily as the rest of the Killerwaxx range, as the final stage of protection.

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