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8.OZ NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM DETAIL SPRAY is a Polymer and Carnauba liquid spray made with natural Hemp Seed Oil. This specially formulated wax uses no solvents to create an incredible Killerwaxx shine. This product can be used on any painted surface,  NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM DETAIL SPRAY not only works on clean painted surfaces but you can also use it as a Dry wash formula.

8.OZ Killer Shine Metal Polish was specifically developed for aluminum and magnesium components. Killer Shine Metal Polish cleans, protects and polishes in one easy step without any harsh abrasives. Use Killer Shine Metal Polish if your surface is dull, oxidized, acid or salt stained, rusted neglected or in need of some serious help. 

 8.OZ H2nO Waterless Wash  is a revolutionary new way to clean, polish and protect your vehicle.
H2nO Waterless Wash and Wax is a technique developed to wash and wax a vehicle without the use of any water. This technique uses many different ingredients, including wetting agents, lubricants, waxes and protectants. The detergents and wetting agents combine to soften and emulsify surface grime, while lubricants attach a microscopic layer of protectant to the surface.
H2nO Waterless Wash and Wax lifts dirt from the vehicle by emulsification. This is done by products surrounding dirt molecules, lifting them from the paint surface before you start to wipe. At the same time, the application process initiates the cross chain polymer linking process that results in a shiny showroom finish. All this happens very rapidly due to the balance of ingredients within the product itself. Application is quick and easy and the process does not involve high pressure or any extensive rubbing. It does not require "soaking" or using high volume of the product.

8.OZ NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM LIQUID WAX provides a durable surface protection to both painted and gel coat surfaces. Nano,Amino functional polymers combined  and Hemp seed Oils and Brazilian carnauba  wax offers unmatched  protection against UV rays and salt degradation. NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM LIQUID WAX creates a glossy, mirror like finish with a long lasting protection. 

“   WARNING: PROP 65 This product can expose you to chemicals including Acetaldehyde and sulfuric acid, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to”

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