Sio2 Ceramic Wash

$ 7.06

Sio2 Shampoo For Coatings :
 Sio2 Ceramic Wash is a custom car shampoo for maintaining vehicle protection coatings. While normal wash soaps clean away dirt and debris, they do not strengthen or revitalize advanced vehicle coatings like Sio2 Ceramic Wash., Every cleaning restores strength, gloss, and water beading and sheeting effects to the Ceramic vehicle coating. Sio2 Ceramic Wash is a super slick neutral pH car wash shampoo.

Reduces Scratches & Swirls

 Sio2 Ceramic Wash is a super slick car wash shampoo. Use Vitalize Wash in the 2-bucket car wash method to lift, lubricate, and remove heavy dirt and contamination away from the vehicle surface for a scratch-free shine. Add Sio2 Ceramic Wash to any foam gun or foam cannon for an extra slick and foamy wash for enhanced debris removal with less friction and chances of installing swirls and scratches.

Total Vehicle Protection

Sio2 Ceramic Wash is safe for any vehicle coating technology, including synthetic coatings, wax, glaze, and sealant. Using Sio2 Ceramic Wash literally washes protection back onto the vehicle to ensure the shine lasts for as long as possible. Sio2 Ceramic Wash even adds durable protection to other vehicle coating technologies, wax, glaze, and sealant coatings, and will not strip any other wax coats