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Northern Lights is made from our patented Hemp Seed Oils which brings you a deeper longer lasting show shine. This is the most advanced product in the market today. Make sure to take advantage of this full Kit price.

7.oz NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM HARD PASTE WAX: America's finest paste wax/cleaner combination. Combines special non abrasive chemical cleaners and is made with pure Hemp Seed Oils with a blend of #1 Premium Carnauba hard wax. It cleans and waxes in one easy step. Leaves a brilliant, hard, durable and detergent resistant shine.

16.oz NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM DETAIL SPRAY: A Polymer and Carnauba liquid spray made with natural Hemp Seed Oil. This specially formulated wax uses no solvents to create an incredible Killerwaxx shine. This product can be used on any painted surface.
NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM DETAIL SPRAY not only works great on clean painted surfaces but you can also use it as a Dry wash formula.
16.oz NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM LIQUID WAX: Provides a durable surface protection to both painted and gel coat surfaces. Nano-Amino functional polymers combined with Hemp seed Oils and Brazilian carnauba wax offers unmatched protection against UV rays and salt degradation. NORTHERN LIGHTS PREMIUM LIQUID WAX creates a glossy, mirror like finish with long lasting protection. 
16.oz NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPER SUDZ SOAP: Specially formulated with unique surfactants that create a rich dense foam that lifts dirt from vehicles surface leaving a "just waxed look" behind. NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPER SUDZ SOAP is a neutral pH formulation which is safe on all paint surfaces & is environmentally friendly.