16x16 Super Fluffy Black and Red Microfiber Towel

$ 5.75 $ 8.00

Includes 1@ 16x16 Super Fluffy Black and Red Microfiber Towel 

The Super Fluffy Black and Red Microfiber is a premium detailing
towel designed for perfectionist detailing. The super fluffy microfiber is
designed to deliver the perfect finish for any detailing job. The Fluffy Finish
Blue Microfiber features a super soft design that is perfect when detailing any
car, truck, motorcycle, or custom show car.
The premium towel is 16” x 16” and is perfect for scratch-free
polishing, water-less washing, waxing, sealing, glazing, and all detailing
tasks. The long microfiber picks up dirt and dust from the surface for a
perfect finish. The Fluffy Finish Blue Microfiber features laser cut edges for
full coverage microfiber. Edge-less design ensures a perfect detailing finish.
Great for interior and exterior detailing. Remove dust from dashboards, door
panels, seats, and consoles. Extra plush microfiber is safe for the most
sensitive paintwork. The  Super Fluffy Black and Red Microfiber is a luxury detailing
towel engineered for the finest finishes. The Fluffy Finish Blue Microfiber is
100% machine washable for years of detailing use. Perfect to keep in the trunk
to remove dirt, dust, and bird dropping on-the-go using  Detail
Spray. The luxurious plush microfiber creates a brilliant shine for all vehicles.
The Fluffy Finish Blue Microfiber are 80/20 blend high-quality microfiber to
deliver the best results. The  Super Fluffy Black and Red Microfiber is the perfect
microfiber towel for detailing enthusiasts and professionals.